Autobiographical Essays

Beate Caspari-Rosen, MD (1910 - 1995)


It is dangerous walking down memory lane and getting lost in the jungle of sideroads. No life follows a straight line, but the sun was always shining, and the birds were singing, and the flowers were blooming even in the deepest winter. What happened to that sophisticated girl who knew all the answers of right and wrong, of life and death. She read Tagore's love poems and Nietsche's philosophy, Plato, Marx, and Engels, and thought she knew it all. She who loved to dance into the early morning hours and flirted, an old fashioned word, which is now replaced with heavy words of “eye contact” and “body language.” Is that what we did?

One has to be careful when writing autobiographical notes not to overlook the heartache one exerienced, the gray and rainy days, and disappointments that occur during one's lifetime.

What an unworldly and dangerously innocent girl she was as she prepared for life.


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